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Feed Wheat

we are offering high quality Black Sea feed wheat, that meets all internatinal requirements and can easily suit every capricious farmer because it is perfect for use as raw and feed-stuff material for poultry and animal necessity.

Milling Wheat

our milling wheat contains minimum 11,5% and 12,5% of protein, also it is rich of Gluten that is estimated at 25%. A lot of our consumers from milling and flouring sphere satisfy their needs, using our milling wheat in their industry.

Yellow Corn

not everybody knows that corn is raw matterial for more than 250 types of final products, thar are used as feed-stuf for animals, corn derivates have widespread use in pharmacology, in sport industry, in textil industry, food processing industry and energetics. Our corn can appease any type of industrial thirst.

Feed Barley

Feed Barley became traditional feed-stuff for a lot of Asian and Middle East Countries. Our barley is of Black Sea origin, that can be described as big seed with a bright colour, it also has high organoleptic specifications. Our barley - is health and good feed-stuff for your farm animals.

Sunflower Seeds.

We are also glad to offer such products as sunflowers seeds, that can be used for sunoil extraction, as you may heard, the sunflower seeds from Black Sea region are the best in the world for such needs. The oil content in our seeds is estimated to be 44% and more.