AGROGRAIN IMPEX LTD is a global agricultural commodity trading and supplying company from Black Sea Region. Was established in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the year of 2015 as exporter and supplier of grains, sunflower seeds, pulses and derivates. We have strong presence and origination structure in Moldova and Ukraine and possessed of strong customer network in the countries of Asia and Middle East. Our company is a well organized team and with a good planned strategy, which provides high professional service to it's partners. Our main key of success is that we deal with good and trusted farmers directly, our export process is combined with the work of the first class international survey companies thus we have constant quality control of the goods that we trade. A big role in our work is devoted to logistics and here we 24 hours and 7 days a week supervise our shipments, keep in touch with the shipping lines and shipowners, in this way, our shipments are delivered in time and in the maximum short period. We are always open for a new handshake or even a hug, because every shipment that we supply contains kindness and warmth of the lands and people where it has grown.